The Conference


Each year, hundreds of men gather to learn, pray, share, and build relationships.

Next conference:   The March 14, 2020 conference has been canceled.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Featuring Keynote Speaker: Patrick Madrid

Patrick Madrid is a popular Catholic speaker, author, radio host, and apologist. He is currently the host of “The Patrick Madrid Show” on Relevant Radio. He has authored or edited 26 books including, Why Be Catholic? (Random House), Life Lessons: 50 Things I Learned in My First 50 Years (Ignatius Press), How to do Apologetics (Our Sunday Visitor), Pope Fiction (St. Benedict Press), Search and Rescue, Does the Bible Really Say That?, Envoy for Christ: 25 Years as a Catholic Apologist (Servant Books), and the multi-volume Surprised by Truth series. His total book sales exceed a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. Patrick and his wife Nancy have been married for 39 years and blessed with 11 children and 25 grandchildren (so far). Their most important goal as a couple is to hear the Lord Jesus say to them and their children one day, “Well done, good and faithful servants; you have been faithful over a little . . . now enter into the joy of your Master” (Matt. 25:21). His website is

Patrick’s talk topics will be:
“Turn Away from Childish Things and Become the Man Christ Wants You to Be”
“Search and Rescue: How You Can Help People Come Home to the Church”

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The 2019 conference featured keynote speaker Anthony Digmann.

Anthony Digmann is a husband and father of a young family and a Catholic speaker, author, and educator. He has appeared internationally on Catholic television and radio, such as EWTN and Radio Maria.

Anthony is the author of Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning, & Catholicism as well as several articles published in diocesan periodicals across the country. He is currently working on a new book about Catholicism and Star Wars.

Anthony has a Master’s degree in theology and has served the Church professionally in Catholic schools, parish ministry, and on councils of the Archdiocese of Dubuque since 2006. He resides in Dyersville, Iowa, the home of the St. Francis Xavier Basilica and the Field of Dreams. Learn more about Anthony at




The 2018 conference featured keynote speaker Nic Davidson.

Nic Davidson is an energetic and funny speaker who is on fire for his faith.
A convert from Assemblies of God, Nic brings delightful humor coupled with
his deep knowledge of the faith to all of his speaking engagements. Having
personally had his life and marriage transformed by Theology of the Body, he
spends his days trying to offer the same transformation to those around him.

Since 2008, Nic has taught several 14-week courses and has given over 100
TOB talks in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Working with
the Diocese of Duluth, Minn. Nic helped create the Theology of the Body
Immersion for Teens (TOBIT), a four-day camp that takes teens through
TOB. Nic also hosted a weekly radio broadcast on TOB when living on the
island of Dominica in the West Indies. He and his wife Jacelyn recently
adopted three siblings from the Caribbean.




2017 Conference Featured Keynote Speaker: Doug Barry

Doug Barry-1

Doug is a devoted husband and father of five and is the founder and director of the Catholic ministry RADIX. Since 1992 he has traveled both nationally and internationally to help spread and defend the Catholic faith.  Doug is seen regularly as co-host on EWTN’s television program ‘Life on the Rock.’

Battle Ready is a mission of RADIX to help strengthen and encourage the soldier of Christ to be aware of, prepared for and engaged in the spiritual fight we are in.  Battle Ready rallies have been able to reach out to many hearts and souls and have offered a powerful opportunity to rally the troops for Christ and the faith!