Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions for the 2020 conference will be the following:

Lunch Session

“Evangelism Closer to Home” Keith Nester

Family is your primary mission field. If you cannot evangelize your family, who can you evangelize? But it’s not easy, especially in this day and age. Even Jesus encountered difficulty, to the point where He said, “No prophet is accepted in his own native place” (Luke 4:24).  Keith will explore how you can effectively evangelize your family in spite of the difficulties. Learn how God has already given us everything we need, and sustains us for this holy work.


The following sessions will be offered both in the morning and afternoon time slots.

“On Fire! The Holy Spirit and the Man of God” Fr. Tony Adawu

The only time we have succeeded as Church and as disciples is when we have allowed the Holy Spirit to blaze through our lives. Yet, we often forget to develop a relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity. How can the man of God develop (or grow in) this relationship? What happens when we commit to such a relationship with the Holy Spirit? Fr. Tony will address these questions and engage men in exploring the secret to a successful Christian life and mission—the fire of the Spirit!

“Spiritual Awareness: How to Hear God’s Voice and to Reject the Devil’s”  Fr. Bob Gross

In this breakout session, Fr. Gross will introduce the dynamics of spiritual awareness by offering practical steps for growing in your prayer life, and what to expect when you start down that path.  This is a perfect session for a man who has done a CEW, That Man Is You, or any program that has awakened the Gift of the Spirit in him. 

“Witness to the Eucharist” Deacon Dan Rouse

As Catholics, we believe the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith.  Discover how the Eucharist played a role in Deacon Dan’s reception into the Catholic Church.  He’ll also discuss how we can witness to the Real Presence by how we receive, discuss and relate to the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord.

“Protecting Your Family from Pornography” Matt Selby

Pornography is a plague in society today. With easy access to the internet, it is becoming increasingly common for kids to be exposed to pornography at a young age and to become hooked on it. Many adults, including many Catholic men, also struggle with pornography usage and addiction. Matt will address the status of pornography usage in our society, the negative effect it has on families, and practical ways to protect yourself and your family from pornography.

“Men’s Groups with a Mission”Tyler Wheeler

Small groups are a wonderful way for men to encounter Christ through fellowship, Scripture, and prayer. However, sometimes small groups lack one central component of a Christ-centered communion … evangelization. As Pope St. John Paul II tells us, “communion gives rise to mission, and mission is accomplished in communion.” This talk will explore how, in order to draw near to Christ, we must draw near to His mission. Thus, in order for small groups to reach their full potential, evangelization is a necessary component. We’ll explore practical ways to start a small group that evangelizes, and ways to make already existing small groups more evangelatory.


Student Sessions

Morning: “Turn Away from Childish Prayer and Pray Like a Man” Fr. Josh Link

As we begin to transition into adulthood, our prayer also needs to transition. So, what does this transition look like? What does praying like a man look like, or what should it look like? Fr. Josh Link will unpack those questions and help students find practical ways to mature in their prayer life.

Afternoon: “Living a Stronger Faith…NOW!” Kevin Feyen

St. Timothy was afraid of being a leader in the Church because he was too young. St. Paul, in his letter to St. Timothy, corrects this (1 Tim 4:12). You are never too young to be a leader in the Church. This session will help young people reflect openly and honestly about the realities of living and sharing their faith. Come with questions, frustrations, hopes, and dreams of the reality of being a young Catholic in your schools, sports teams, clubs, and friendships. You are NOT too young to change the world NOW!


Spanish Sessions

Morning: “If You Want to Change the World, Go Home and Love Your Family”Fr. Michael McAndrew

The family is a communion of persons and a witness of love to the world. Parents are called to love their children and foster their growth. As Christian men, we are called to participate fully in the life of the family, as sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers.

Afternoon: ”How to be a Missionary Disciple Here and Now”Gustavo Jimenez

In this breakout session, Gustavo will unpack Patrick Madrid’s second keynote and talk about ways men can go deeper in their calling as missionary disciples.